Challenge your body


PKC has classes that range from beginner to advanced levels. Transform the way you look and feel with our low-impact Pilates Apparatus classes or our high-energy, cardio-pumping Reformed Ride classes. We have something for everyone!

Whatever you choose, prepare for a deep, full-body workout experience.




Pilates Reformer, Tower, Chair and/or Jumpboard classes are designed to lengthen, strengthen, and stretch the muscle without adding bulk.

Full Body

Pilates Apparatus is FULL BODY. Expect to be challenged on the Reformer, Tower, Mat and/or Jumpboard in this class. Classical Pilates incorporates 500 different controlled exercises, so every class will be different.

Strength Training

Not your typical Pilates Apparatus class! Many people don’t realize that Pilates is STRENGTH TRAINING. Expect to be challenged on all the amazing pieces that we offer. You’ll strength train areas of your body that you can’t get to without the assistance of the Pilates Reformer, Tower or Chair.

Jump Sculpt | Reformer

Pilates Reformer is the studio's most popular Apparatus. Then, you add the Jumpboard and it's the best combo, ever. Get a well-rounded workout with muscle lengthening on the Reformer followed by toning and cardio with the Jumpboard.


Utilizing the Reformer, Tower and/or Mat, this class is ideal for our new Pilates-goers. This slow paced, but challenging workout is the perfect stepping stone to our other Apparatus classes. You will learn to master your form, gain confidence & improve strength.


Core Fitness

Intelligently designed training for deep muscle strengthening. Our Mat, TRX, Barre, Reformed Ride & Yoga classes will complement your Pilates Apparatus workouts.

Pilates Mat Sculpt

This class utilizes your own body weight to create resistance. Expect to be challenged with various props.

PKC Barre

A cardio sculpt workout that combines elements of ballet, Pilates & fitness.

TRX Pilates

Unlike anything else in the KC area. Traditional Pilates Mat meets the TRX.

TRX Strength + Abs

This music-based, high energy TRX class uses body weight exercises that develop strength, balance & core stability.

Reformed Ride

The 1st of its kind in the fitness industry; Cycling & Pilates. Join us for a full-body cycling experience utilizing Pilates Arm Springs.

Yoga + Weights

Boost metabolism and build lean muscle with this amazing combo of Power Yoga and free weights.